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Veterans Drop-In Center


We LOVE donations.

Donations are our lifeblood.

Without your donations, we would not exist. However, there are some things that we can use a lot more effectively than others. Let’s break these into the categories of Dinners, Goods, and Money.


We freely invite your business, church, organization, sports team, etc to bring dinner down to the Center. We have been gifted with spaghetti dinners, pizza, fried chicken, sub sandwiches, holiday dinners, etc from local organizations in the past.

It’s always a fun time, because organizations interact with the veterans that are present, and they get to see firsthand what we do.

Please bear in mind that when deciding to do this, you will be feeding approximately 20-25 people, not including yourselves. Please call Pat Ambrose, our Executive Director, to secure your spot on the dinner delivery schedule. Her contact information is accessible via the Contact Us link above.


We love to see your new or gently used goods find new homes with veterans that need them. Unfortunately, dropping said items off at the Center is not the best idea because we have limited storage space there. What we prefer that you do is to call / email / FaceBook us with what you have, and we will connect you with a veteran that can make use of the item(s) in question. Pat, in particular, has wonderful luck with making those connections.

Remember, the Center has needs too! Please check the Center’s Wish List page periodically to see if we need anything.


The Veterans Drop-In Center is a non-profit corporation, which means we survive based on your generosity. We have no revenue other than what you see fit to give us.

We’ve tried paying the bills with our good looks (we’ve got plenty of those!), but our creditors seem to like money better. That being said, please donate to the VDIC via our PayPal donation page (link to be updated shortly) or contact Pat Ambrose. Thank you in advance for your donations!